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Way brothers appreciation blog.

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orphismo said: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers

1. I’m thinking about running this blog again. (:
2. I’m very, very generous when it comes to money with my friends
3. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and I find this very useful in some situations.
4. I’m very very serious when it comes to studies 
5. I watch Game of Thrones

jollysunday said: Maybe you will never log onto this account again, but if you do just know that me and many others are grateful you ever made it at all

I think this is the sweetest message I have ever get. Thank you so much. This was only a simple fan tumblr.
Sometimes I wish I could run this blog again, I miss it. I miss everything about MCR. 

This blog turned 3 today. Happy birthday! 

Sometimes I think “What about giving this blog away to someone?”
I really don’t know…

Anonymous said: WHAT NO DONT LEAVE

I’m really sorry, but I don’t have time and passion to run this blog anymore. :/ But thank you for caring! Anyway I won’t delete it, so you can still enjoy it everytime you want.
(& thank you everyone for all your lovely messages!)

Running this blog was pretty cool but it’s finally time to move on.
Good bye guys!


“You only hear the music when your heart beings to break.” Honestly, when I first heard that line, I didn’t really understand it. Now that I listen to this song again, I do understand. And it’s quite true.

Although the band has ended, your music will continue to inspire many. Thank you MCR.

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I wonder who sold their soul to get fall out boy back together

mikey way

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/cries because fall out boy’s back

“We’ve shared a lot of the same troubles. But sometimes he’s the older brother and sometimes I have to be.” — Mikey Way.

“We’ve shared a lot of the same troubles. But sometimes he’s the older brother and sometimes I have to be.” — Mikey Way.

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Thank you for all your answers… Sometimes I’m glad to be out of the MCR fandom.

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